A few fun facts about the Executive:

  • Any given position can be held by more than one person at the same time! Did you know some positions are split between a few members with each focusing on a different aspect of the portfolio?

  • Executive meetings do not happen over the summer! We love to paddle and so we make sure that valuable warm months are not spent in a boardroom talking about paddling ... we are on the water with you.

  • We really like each other! The Executive comes together once a month through fall - winter - spring to discuss and plan aspects of the next paddling season. But we also do beers at the Fieldhouse beforehand to share tall-tales of our paddling escapades!

  • We have access! That is right, membership has its privileges like shed codes!

Want to learn more? E-mail chair@raccc.ca and we will connect you with the incumbent!


Want to see your executive in action? Our meetings are open to all club members and are posted on the calendar!

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