Overnight Parking at the RA Centre

Over the weekend, a member's car that was left at the RA Centre was broken into. The rear window was smashed and a GPS unit was stolen. A quick reminder regarding parking at the RA Centre ...

Carpooling is encouraged for all club trips. Members usually meet at the boathouse to coordinate equipment and leave vehicles. However, for overnight and longer trips, whenever possible, we encourage members to leave cars at home or secure another space for your car.


All vehicles parked or operated on the RA Centre property are solely at the risk of the owner and/or operator. The RA (nor the RACCC) is not liable for any damage to loss occasioned to any vehicle, it contents, operator, other occupants or any person on RA property. This applied to the use of, and storage of bicycles as well as cars (or boats).

Never leave valuables in your car.

Finally, if you do leave your vehicle at the RA Centre never park in front of the boathouse doors - this is a loading zone only. You can park in the west parking lot (area around the Boathouse). All vehicles left overnight must be registered with the RA Centre by completing a registration form (available in the boathouse) and either dropped off to the East Desk or e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For vehicles left for more than two nights, prior approval must be sought from Nancy.