Flatwater Training

Flatwater Intro to Master Class 2017

Date: Wednesday June 21
Time: 6:00– 8:30

Max number of participants: 8

Pre-Requisites: Intermediate and Advanced Paddling Skills:

Recommended for Flatwater Paddlers: Paddle Canada Intermediate or equivalent.

Prerequisite Skills: Paddlers need to already know the following Tandem AND Solo Canoe maneuvers:
Pivot and side displacements;
Forward and backward: straight line, consistent circles;
Running turns with sustained tilt.

Course Fee: $20 (Includes boat rentals; participants may opt to bring their own canoes)

Location: Rideau River, Windsor Park Put in

Description: Let’s explore more capabilities of a canoe, mastering some advanced strokes and tandem maneuvers which can then be applied to solo canoeing and functional maneuvers during canoe tripping . (e.g. Running turns and slides, bow and stern pivots, challenging trim configurations; cuts/jams, compound strokes and maneuvers, 1 handed pries….etc)

Additional Details: Participants will Carpool to travel to/from our putin. Meet at the shed at 6:00 PM to organize carpooling, tandem partners (we switch around) , canoes and equipment. (Everyone helps).

Lead Instructor Contact Info: (for student questions about course content):
Dot Bonnenfant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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