Flatwater Training

Flatwater Coaching Sessions June 2017

Something old, something new

Flatwater Tuesdays has been so successful for the past 2 years that we are doing a repeat this June... with a slight twist. We will offer 2 special Flatwater paddling coaching courses:
1) Flatwater Tuesdays will be for Tandem paddlers - click here for more information - FULL
2) Mondays will be for Solo paddlers per requests from more club members - click here for more information - FULL

In addition, we will repeat an

3) Intro to Masters Paddling (for intermediate and advanced paddlers) - click here for more information - FULL

The courses fill up fast, so if you are interested in joining us - please do sign up early.

We meet at the shed at 6:00 pm, organize carpooling and equipment and then caravan over to our putin on the Rideau River - less than 10 minutes from the shed, paddle until 8:15 pm then return to the shed. Each evening includes skill reviews and introduction to new strokes and maneuvers.

We focus on beginner and intermediate strokes and maneuvers plus cool useful skills from various canoeing disciplines. The idea is to develop more precise paddling techniques based on physics, for more efficient and effective boat control.

Besides learning we have a wonderful evening together on a sweet, calm stretch of the Rideau River, sharing the space with swans and herons and the sunset. A special thanks to RACCC volunteer instructors and assistants who lead these evening sessions.