Flatwater Training

Lakewater (Flatwater) Tandem Courses

Introduction and Intermediate Levels Spring 2017

Course #1: Barcode 9875

Course #2: Barcode 9944


Course #1:

May 13-14 (8:30 AM – 5:00 PM) at Mooney's Bay
AND June 2 (7 – 8:30 PM) Pool Session, Gloucester Pool

Course #2:

June 10 - 11 (8:30 AM - 5:00 PM site to be determined

AND June 2 (7 - 8:30 PM) Pool Session, Gloucester Pool

Maximum number of participants: 16

Click here for a participant's report from last year's course.  Here's a short excerpt:  "Throughout the course the instructors gave us constant feedback and instructions to help us improve At the end of the day, I felt in total control of my canoe. In fact by the end of the course we felt like we could turn the canoe on a dime. At the end of the course we feel far more confident.  This was a good weekend and it was worth the time and money for the course.  We hope to meet many of the participants and instructors at future events and if we happen to see one of them on a lake we now can paddle straight towards them and if they happen to be in need of assistance, we are now prepared and ready to help."

All Participants should be comfortable swimming while wearing a PFD
(Intermediate level: Paddle Canada Lakewater Canoe Introduction Certification, or permission from instructor)

This course will run 2 Paddle Canada instruction levels simultaneously. 
o On Saturday morning all participants will learn (or review) the basic strokes common to both Introduction and Intermediate levels: Paddling in a straight line forwards and backwards, starts/stops, pivots, turns, side slips and simple dock landings as well as safety, boat control, partner collaboration and rescue techniques.
o Instructors will then assign students to Introduction or Intermediate groups per their abilities.
o The Introduction level students will focus on accomplishing the paddling skills in calm water conditions.
o The Intermediate level students will focus on the Intermediate strokes and maneuvers with greater precision, refinement and control while paddling in various wind and wave conditions, as well as expanded hazard awareness, rescues and emergency skills and knowledge.

Recommended for:
The Introduction level is intended for paddlers who would like to learn how to canoe or who have never had formal training and would like to refine their canoeing skills.
The Intermediate level is for paddlers who have all the prerequisite skills and who want to further their paddling and safety skills beyond the Introduction level.

Course Fee:  $100
Canoe rental is included in the course fee.

Additional costs:
Participants should budget an extra $30 for shared transportation and parking fees.
Participants help cover gas and parking for the instructors (they are volunteering)

Participants must be RA Canoe Camping Club members to join training events.
Joining is easy! Sign up here (http://www.raccc.ca/membership/join) or at the Member Services desk at the RA Center.

To register for this course, please use one of the following three options:
1. Online at PlayRA (https://onlineca.activecommunities.com/racentre/Start/start.asp) - Course Barcode 9875
2. In Person at the Open House (April 22nd) or at the Front Desk of the RA Center (East Wing)
3. By phone, calling RA Member & Guest Services at 613-736-6224.
Click here to learn how to register for courses (including in-person and phone options)

Lead Instructor Contact Info: (for student questions about course content):
Dot Bonnenfant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.