Past President Judy Patterson Passes Away

Judy 1Some long time members with the YCCC from years gone by will remember Judy Patterson. Judy lost her battle with Cancer on Friday December 6th 2019. Judy was in her mid 60s.

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Ted Blake Award Winner

The winner of this year’s Ted Blake award is someone who has worked in the background of the club for many years.

The club is lucky enough to have a website that has an amazing number of different features that allow for the sharing of information, communicating with club members and even signing up for trips and events. It is hard to imagine our club functioning as well as it does without our website.

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Gatineau Park Ski/Snowshoe Passes

The National Capital Commission has given RA Canoe club members a group discount on Gatineau Park Ski and Snowshoe season passes. The discount is worth up to $20 over the presale prices. In order to get the discount club members must purchase the pass before November 16, 2019.

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Ted Blake Award Nominations 2019

Paddle Edit EditYour club executive is looking for nominations for the Ted Blake award which is a beautiful paddle inscribed with the names of the winners. This annual award is given to club members who have made outstanding contributions to the club, usually over the course of several years.

Do you know someone who has made a really big difference to the club? If so, please submit your nomination to any member of the club executive. Nominees should be current members of the club and cannot have won the award in the past.

Nominations can be submitted to any member of the club executive not later than Wednesday Oct 16, 2019.

History of the award  

The award was created 2003 in recognition of the long and dedicated service given to the club by Ted Blake. He joined the club (then the Y Canoe Club) in 1978 – before the club even had a boathouse. It was he who negotiated a deal with the YM/YWCA to get the club’s first boathouse and to organize club members to build it. He remained active with the club until his death in 2011. Click here for more information about him.

Club member Dot B created the beautiful award paddle.

Click on "Read more" to see a list of previous winners.

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New Kayak

By now many of you will have noticed that the club has a new sea kayak. This is thanks to club member Margaret M. who kindly donated hers to the club. We are all very grateful to her for her generosity.

Mark Scott


Posting a Trip to the Club Calendar

The club encourages trip leaders to post all club trips on the calendar. Using the calendar is easy (see attachment).  This makes them readily available to all members and gets them included in the weekly Canoebytes.
A handy feature of the calendar is that you can use it to have people register for the trip.

2019 Club Orientation Session Presentation

See attachment from the 2019 Club Orientation Session.  It gives a useful overview on how the club operates.

Download this file (RACCC_Orientation_2019.pdf)RACCC_Orientation_2019.pdf[ ]1049 kB

2019 Open House

This year's open house was a big success. We had over 70 new club members and 28 people sign up for training courses.

Welcome to all of our new members and thank you to everyone who made the night go so well.

Mark - RACCC Chairperson

Accepting Canoe Club Memberships for 2019

Memberships are being accepted for 2019. Click here for more information.

Some modifications to the Canoe Club membership procedures for 2019 are listed below.

1) Members only have to pay the membership to join the RA once unless they let it lapse in which case they have to pay it again. Members however will be given a three month grace period during which the RA membership fee will be waved.

2) Canoe Club annual memberships now run for 12 months from the date that a member joined. The RA will send a reminder email to a member one month before their Canoe Club membership expires.

3) If a Canoe Club membership is not renewed by the expiry date, there will be no grace period. The member will be removed from the Canoe Club membership list and their access to the Canoe Club website will be blocked. If they renew after the expiry date, their access to the website will be promptly restored.

4) New members will get a $25 discount on their course fee if they register for a training course costing $130 or more at the same time as joining the Canoe Club.

February 04, 2019 Seminar Cancelled

Because of the freezing rain forecast the Feb 04 seminar on Lac Manicouagan has been cancelled. At thispint we do not know if it will be rescheduled.

Mark Scott