Winter Seminar Series

Every year the club hosts a series of seminars about subjects of interest to members of the paddling community. All of the seminars are free and are open to everyone – whether they are club members are not.

All of the seminars are held at the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Drive, Ottawa.  They start at 19:00 and end between 21:00 and 23:00.

The first three seminars will be about marvelous canoe trips with a single speaker.

1) Author and canoe tripper extraordinaire Max Finkelstein recounts tales of his canoe trip from one end of Canada to the other. (Rescheduled February 26, 2018 in the Outaouais Room).
2) Dot Bonnenfant will lead a presentation about the Four Winds Brigade ending in Ottawa on July 01, 2017. (February 06, 2018 in the Courtside B Room)
3) Brian Wraight will talk about paddling Nahani River via the Broken Skull tributary. (February 19, 2018 in the Courtside B Room)

In response to feedback from the membership engagement process, the second three seminars are intended to provide more information to potential trip leaders.

4) My Favourite Destination will be a series of short presentations by club members on different destinations/trips. (March 06, 2018 in the Courtside A Room)
5) In the Canoe Destination Information session club members will set up tables with information on following destinations: Dumoine River, Lake Louisa, Adirondacks, La Verendrye, Petawawa River, Georgian Bay, French River, Chiniguchi, Kiosk and flatwater day trips. They will have maps and other resources to help people who are interested in leading trips to those destinations. (March 22, 2018 in the Outaouais Room, East Wing <--Note ROOM CHANGE)
6) The Trip Leading Primer will provide guidance to people who would like to lead a canoe trip but haven’t done so or who would like some tips on how to do it better. (April 03, 2018 in the Courtside B Room).

Lastly, club members indicated that they would like to socialize before or after club events. With this in mind, club members interested in meeting for supper before the sessions can meet at the RA’s Fieldhouse at 5:30. If you are interested in joining us for supper, please open the calendar posting for the session and indicate that you will attend so that we can reserve enough tables.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..