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Questions/Answers specific to the RACCC website

Go to Membership > My Account and select Edit > Update your profile.

In the "Contact Info" tab you see your "Email" address as well as your "Public Email".

The "Email" address is used by the system to send emails to you, e.g. for the news letters you have signed up for, if you have forgotten your password and need to reset it, or if someone wants to send you an email directly from the website (e.g. by accessing your profile from the Membership list). This email address is not shown to any other users of the website.

The "Public Email" is displayed to other users of the website when they access the Membership list. If you are concerned with publishing your email address on the site, you can remove the "Public Email" address. That means other club members will not be able to see your email address and can not directly send emails to you. The website allows club members to send email from the site itself without showing your Email address.

Go to Membership > My Account and select Edit > Update your profile.

In the "System" tab you can change your password.

Go to Membership > My Account and select Edit > Update your profile.

In the Mailing-List tab you can change which newsletters you subscribe to.

Click on Login and select the "Forgot Login?" link.

If you forgot your username, click on "Lost username" and enter your email address to receive a reminder. Note: you can use your email address instead of the username to login.

If you forgot your password, click on "Lost password" and enter your username and email address.

If the system recognizes your email address, it will send a message with a reminder or instructions on how to reset your password.

If you do not receive this email, please first check your Spam/Junk folder. If you still did not receive the message, please contact for help.


Anybody can write an article to be posted on the web site. However, the article needs to be reviewed and published by a member of the executive or the communications team.


  • Use "Membership > Submit Article" menu item to create a new article.
    • You can use "Insert Template" to insert some boilerplate text to get started, if you want.
    • If you copy text created with a different editor (e.g. MS-Word), please use the "Paste as plain text" icon to remove the extra formatting. MS-Word formated text tends to break the content of the site!
    • Start the article with a headline formatted as "Heading 1"
    • Use formatting sparingly.
    • Insert a "Read more" break after the first paragraph. The text before the "read more" break shows up on the front page.
    • Select a category. Each category has an entry in the main menu where the article will show up. The default selection "Uncategorized" means that the article will not show up on the site!
    • If you want to restrict the content to club members, select "Access > Registered". The default setting allows anybody to see the content. Please note: if the article is posted to the front page, the part before the "read more" break will be visible to anybody. Only the part after "read more" can be protected.
  • When the article is ready, click "save".
  • You need to notify the owner of the category (e.g.,,, etc.) or the communications coordinator ( that you have created an article and ask for the article to be published.

The RACCC website will send emails to every member to notifiy them of general news as well as Trip postings etc. You can change which emails you receive based on your preferences


1. Newsletters:

During the paddling season, a weekly newsletter (Canoebytes) is sent to all members. The newsletter contains a link that lets you unsubscribe to stop future messages. You can also change your subscriptions by editing your user profile (Membership > My Account > Edit > Mailing Lists)


2. Forum:

The club uses a Forum for discussions and announcements. The Forum has multiple categories (e.g. Flatwater Trips, Whitewater Trips, General Discussions, etc.). You can subscribe/unsubscribe to each category to receive email notifications when new topics are posted to the category.


By default every member is subscribed to the Flatwater Trips category, and every member qualified to the whitewater list is signed up to the Whitewater Trips category.


You can change your subscription by visiting the category (Membership > Forum > [Board categories]) and click on "Subscribe" or "Unsubscribe")

If you have trouble with creating an article or a calendar entry (trip), please contact the owner of the category you are posting in (e.g.,, etc.) or the communications coordinator (