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May on the Ottawa Middle Channel

May on the Ottawa Middle Channel

Winter has now arrived and the Thursday night skiing has started.  Even the most determined of the cold-weather paddlers will have to wait until Spring.  In the meantime, we can look at photos from last year.

Back in May, Dan led a trip on the Ottawa River's Middle Channel.

Yannick on Butterfly


Yannick on Butterfly

Dan, Kate, Yannick, Sylvia,  Joan, Juliette and Paul Sears went on the trip. Joan paddled her kayak, Juliette and Paul paddled a tandem boat and the others were in solo canoes.  The weather was sunny and warm, and the water level was about zero - suitable for those of us without too much experience.

Preparations at put-in

Some of us ran McCoy's, and the group met below the rapid.  Juliette and Paul managed to take a swim even before getting there.  The other swimmers did so in the rapid, so had more excuse.

Sylvia at McCoy's

We headed down towards Iron Ring.


At Iron Ring, we had a crowd of rafts behind us, so we moved quickly on.

Iron Ring

We paused for lunch at the play wave in S Bend.

Kate at S Bend

We tried other people's boats...

Kate and Juliette

Butterfly was impressive, as always:


Dan on Butterfly

Dan below Butterfly

No-one thought of running Garvin's - we just tried to encourage some of the rafters to do it.  They didn't.


The water was low enough that the portage on river right was easy.

Garvin's, portage

Lower no-name gave two obvious options: run the wave train or sneak down river left.

Scouting, lower No-Name


Juliette and Paul tried the wave train and took their second swim of the day.

By the time we got to Black Velvet, the rafts were with us again.


We paused on the way home for ice cream and poutine.

Ice cream and poutine.

Thanks go to Dan for organising the trip.

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