Trip Reports

First Wednesday Paddle of the 2012 Season

First FW Wednesday Paddle of the 2012 Season

Helmut continues the tradition (now in its 9th year) of leading a trip every Wednesday. On May 30 Helmut and four others went to Lac La Blanche on Hwy 315 north of Mayo. Hwy 315 has been rebuilt and rerouted which means that the access to the lake from the west side has been improved.  Plus there is now lots of parking along the dirt road which was the old route for 315.
On Wednesday, it was a  sunny day with a high of 24.  The wind was changeable which meant that we alternated between paddling like crazy to go in a straight line to having very little wind and easy paddling.  We had lunch on an island.  Helmut thought about going for a swim but then changed his mind when he felt the water.  With the wind being unpredicatable, we paddled back to the cars, went under the bridge and paddled up the Riviere Blanche (just downstream is the rumbling of rapids so we avoided that). We paddled quite a distance up the river and it was very scenic (see photos below).  We had to get out once or twice to get around fallen trees. It was a great start to the Wednesday paddles.