Trip Reports

Lac La Peche Paddle

Lac La Peche Paddle - Wednesday June 13

When we got up Wednesday morning, it was very windy and cool.  We thought about going back to bed but since Helmut was expecting us, we packed up and drove over to the shed.  There was a total of 5 people on the trip with Helmut paddling his sea kayak.
At the beach (no charge for parking since it did not open until June 15), it was still cloudy, windy and cool with some choppiness on the lake.  We put on all our clothes and paddled into the west arm of the lake.
By the time we stopped for lunch at the Haven (two abandoned cottages near the north end of the west arm) the sun had come out and the wind had subsided.  We paddled the various scenic and weedy channels of the west arm and then stopped at a swimming rock.  The sun had been heating the rock all afternoon so even though the air temperature was only 21, most of us went for a swim. It was a nice finish to a great day.