Trip Reports

Helmut's June 28 Day Trip to Low

Helmut's Trip to Low - First Day Trip from RA


Picking up one boat (the Otter) at the RA on June 28, we were very impressed with how nicely laid out everything was at the RA thanks to Kate and her volunteers. 
Driving to the public boat launch at Low Quebec, we found very few cars in the parking lot. This was a welcome change from the congestion usually found on the weekend where sometimes you have to park down the road.  The Gatineau River was wonderfully calm because there was no wind.  This is one of the more scenic day trips with the large hills rising out of the Ottawa River.
We found a very nice place to swim and have lunch.  We played around in the water with a large squared piece of timber left over from the log drives of 30 years ago.  
Off to one side of the swimming rock, you can still see large numbers of logs on the bottom.