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Algonquin Fall Colour 2012

Algonquin Fall Colour 2012

Xuan Q. / Photo by Robert S.

We got to the East Gate of Algonquin Park around noon Friday September 28.  The plan was to have a hike at the Lookout trail first, and then get to the put in at Canoe Lake.   One problem of the plan was that usually we would get our interior camping permit at the put in, which was about 30 km away from the hiking trail, but a permit was required in order to use park facilities.  At the East Gate, park staff told us that we could buy a day pass at $16, and then at our put in when getting our camping permit, we could return the day pass and get our money back.  The advice worked.

A view on the Lookout Trail:

Originally we planned to camp Friday night at Joe Lake and then Saturday night at Tom Thomson Lake.  But at the put in, we were told that Tom Thomson was full for Saturday night.  So we decided to stay at Joe Lake for two nights instead, and would have a day paddling to Tom Thomson Saturday.  The new arrangement actually worked much better since we saved two to three hours on packing and unpacking.

A view close to our camp:

At camp, there were two birds (grey jays?) flying around and looking for food.  At times they were very close to us, with no fear to human at all:


A view along the way of our day padding to Tom Thomson Lake Saturday:


A few views on our way back on Sunday:


After getting back to the put in and having lunch, we had a short hike at the Hardwood Lookout Trail, with a view at the lookout:

Overall, the weather was not too bad on the trip.  It was sunny only on Friday, and was cloudy or drizzling on Saturday and Sunday.  But it never rained hard until we were close to Renfrew on our way back to Ottawa.