With the right clothing, positive mindset, sense of humour and cooperative crew, adversities don't matter and delights are doubled. 
There was rain - we had raincoats.
There were bugs - we had bug jackets.
There were leeches - we had shoes - or Dinh and Lars - the Leech warning brigade!
It was cold - we had fleecies; a fire thanks to Xuan ....and flaming MARSHMELLOS - thanks to Lars!
There was sun - we had hats and sunscreen.
When we were thirsty - Rebecca kept us in filtered water!
When we had wind in front - we dug in and paddled!
When we had wind at the back - we drifted!
When we wanted excitement - we had races....or steel and flint fire starting exhibitions... thanks to Lars!
When we were hungry - we had DELICIOUS FOOD  - as usual per RACCC trips.
When we were sore - we stretched.
When we couldn't open the stove or get it started.... Michele was there !
When we wanted yet another photograph.... Dinh took it!
When we needed a fire...Xuan and his trusty saw arrived!
When we stopped for lunch... we had a banquet, thanks to Rebecca and Dawn.
When we were bored.... well... ...we were never bored! 
When we were lost... well... we were never lost because Dagmar kept us on track every time!
When we had time - we swam, snoozed, slept, stretched, built fires, cooked, ate, did photography.... and ate Marshmellows.

Who could ask for more?

Trip Leader: Dagmar B.  Thank you !!!!
Special guests: Dawn from Toronto. Lars - from Germany (Club member for 2013-14)!
Crew: Michele, Xuan, Rebecca, Dinh and Dot
Breakfasts: pancakes, Ruushti (potatoes, ham, cheeses, sauteed onions...yada yada)
Lunches: wraps or bread ... hummus, pickles, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheeses, carrots, snow peas,  cookies, fruit mix, red licorice!
Suppers: spicy stir fry, thai tuna and rice, pasta and chicken sauce,

Adjectives for the trip: Challenging, rewarding, relaxed, good humoured

  • Memories:
  • Happiness scale solicitation during first lunch on the rocks
  • We even had chairs to sit on!!! (Note: Dot did not bring a chair...but... whenever one was available......)
  • gorgeous sunset - July 1st sky on fire;
  • refreshing swims;
  • paddling lessons re: the `pitch`stroke  (Michele says she is sold on it!) vs J vs stern pry vs `goon stroke`, cadence for trim and efficiency not to mention 'looking good' vs 'sloppy paddling'  (its all physics)
  • a very helpful and fun team
  • Flaming marshmellows!!!!
  • an enjoyable trip
  • lunches on rocky shores.. in the wind...out of the bugs
  • the sunset at the last night on Grand lake was excellent, which I will remember for a long time.
  • one last lunch on the rock !  one last swim!!