The trip was uneventful in that the weather (i.e. the heat and humidity) was our biggest and single impediment.  The winds were only against us for about two days, and with us on our last major paddling day and we were able to enjoy the camaraderie of rafting and sailing.  Thanks Keith for the bright red sail!

Our regular camp stops were sometimes occupied and we ventured out to try new ones.  This proved to be a good thing.  You can never have too much information on campsites!  The Old Voyageur Channel was navigable and beautiful as always.  The water was low enough that we did not have to partake of the cliff portage (thank you, thank you!) and our two portages were uneventful.  We visited with Michele Baddoo and Jim who were camping just outside the channel, and camped with them on the finger boards.

The seas were calm this year, the stoves all worked without complaint and we were free from bear sightings (though not from evidence of their presence).  We were visited by a fox on the finger boards, saw otters, Mike conversed with a rattler, others were heard, a snapper kept in sight for us to watch, and the sand hill cranes were vocal and could be seen from a distance.  The song birds were profuse and singing to us throughout the trip.

As for culinary delights, Mike purchased an outback oven this year and put it to use by providing us with apple cobbler, upside down pineapple cake and homemade bread.  Yum!  You can practice on us anytime Mike!

Day trips on rest days included visiting Devil Door Rapids where we watched three canoeists show varying degrees of finesse while shooting through, circumnavigating our island via the Eastern Channel, and bushwacking around Obstacle Island.

Another enjoyable, successful trip.

Kathy Empey