This trip was led by Lynn Ovenden who was extremely well-organized followed by these participants: Katie Lunn,  Bob Snell and Andrew Craig.
Katie and Bob paddle together in a club canoe. while Lynn paddled in a club kayak and Andrew paddle in his own sea kayak.  It was hard to believe that weather finally cooperated to be sunny and very warm after a few days of unpleasant weather before our trip.
We paddled directly to Gordon Island as part of the St.Lawrence Islands National Park to set our camp and we were pleased with the setting with continuous giant oak trees scattering around this nearly one kilometre length island.  This island also has a history of archaeological sites when natives used to hunt and gather.  The first evening we had an entertainment show of raccoons displaying themselves up on a tree.  All of us took countless pictures of these cute creatures but we had to keep our campsite well secured overnight when they could be pesky.
The next day we paddled southward to another national park island known as Camelot Island as part of the Lake fleet Islands where there were a fair number of other visitors that we were fortunate that we did not camped on this island.  We realized that the weather was becoming so hot that we decided to return to Gordon Island a little sooner that we thought.
Then on our last day we disembark our camp on Gordon Island and paddled to as far as Mulcaster  Island (another national park island).  Again that island had another fair number of visitors however it was one of prettiest islands on the 1000 Islands chain system.  While we had our lunch a park warden came by to ensure that we paid for our camping/day use permits. We end up have a constant conservation with him before we continued on along the north shore of the river to reach Misty Isles Lodge by mid-afternoon where it began and ended.
What we have learned about this trip there were more high powered motorboats than we anticipated especially when July and August will become more crowded.  We hope that someday that if anyone would like to spend more time learn about nature especially seeing so many beautiful blue herons is spend more relaxing leisure time by canoeing or kayaking rather that racing around in circles on powered motorboats creating unpleasant noise and waves destroying the shorelines.
submitted by
Andrew Craig