Each yesolo 2011ar, YCCC volunteers help newer paddlers tune up their strokes, and more experienced paddlers to get the rust off.
Easy, flatwater sessions begin at Brewer Pond,progressing to gentle current, more challenging features and gates at the ORR Pumphouse and Champlain Rapids.
Special thanks to the team of volunteers for helping make WWWs a success! 

Dot Bonnenfant taught the tandem crew with help from Colin Smith, while Barb Dietrich, Kate McKerlie, Sylvia Hurdle worked with the solo boaters.
Thanks to our 'guest instructors':

Peter Kasurak (strokes!), Paula Walmsley (intro to slalom), Hartley Horwitz (offside turns on eddy outs), Gerry and Nancy Godsoe (fine tuning maneuvres), Yannick Lockhead (rolling!), Jaclin Dufresne and Isabelle Lecointe (coaching).
(and a surprise appearance by Paul Mason)

Besides focusing on stroke improvement and maneuvres, participants had a chance to try slalom techniques, ferries based on position and momentum vs continuous strokes, surfing, attainments, rolling, throw rope practice, canoe rescues.....etc
What better way to spend the evening... on the water till the sun sets and the stars come out!

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