Family Trip to Fitzroy Provincial Park - 2018

Family Trip to Fitzroy Provincial Park June 8-10 2018

IMG 1270 Edit EditA relaxing weekend with three families camping at Fitzroy, which was a great opportunity to learn essential camping skills. We learned about different types of stoves and how to use the clubs camp stoves, different ways to filter water to make it safe, securing canoes on vehicles and of course lots of yummy food. The weather was great and despite some complaints by the
kids, there were virtually no bugs.

Here is what Dylan and Riley thought about the trip:
“I think it was pretty fun, although I did not like the bugs. But it was good otherwise, I had fun making pizzas, canoeing, and camping (for the 1000th time). My favourite time was when wemade banana-boats!” -Dylan
For me it was great but still like all times I didn't like the bugs. But otherwise it was great & I didn't have a favorite though.I liked:making pizzas, canoeing and camping in our
GIANT tent. -Riley

Here is what Noah thought about the trip:
"I enjoyed the camping trip very much. I enjoyed all the marshmallows I got to eat. I learned quite a bit like for example, how to make a fire and I also learned that if you don’t seal
something correctly, it could be dangerous. I also enjoyed the pizzas you made. They were delicious. I think my favourite part was canoeing and having the experience to camp with other families.”





From An:
Friday evening Cory kindly helped me put the canoe on my car. I went to the park on Saturday morning, after a one hour nervous drive, and arrived safe and sound at noontime. Cory helped me get the canoe down and set up the tent. We had a nice walk to the beach and started to learn camping cooking, a lot of interesting stuff, how to start fire, make our own pizza, roasted marshmallows and even made a banana boat !  The kids loved that a lot and I got an good excuse for having a lot of sweets! And everybody enjoyed the conversation by the camp fire, really warm. Canoeing on the picturesque lake was such a joy! We just did not want to leave the park and look forward to the next camping trip!


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Noah, Tomomi, Hilary, An, Dylan, Kylah, Cory, Riley, Natan

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Noah, Riley and An making a cardboard box oven for pizzas

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Noah and Riley practicing a skit for the campfire

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Dakota relaxing near the tent while Dylan and Kylah chop veggies for pizzas

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Natan and Tomomi preparing their yummy stir fry

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Hilary practicing for the campfire