Family - Stratton Lake Trip Report - 2018

Family - Stratton Lake Trip Report - 2018

(Dylan) -
“I think that the trip was fun (minus the toe, *wink* *wink*), I liked the (HUGE) marshmallows, the canoeing, and the meals (no-matter who made them). I DID dislike the bugs, they practically ate me/everyone else alive. *yay*

I liked the trip (for many reasons), and same as Dylan I liked the ENORMOUS MARSHMALLOWS. I did not like the bugzzz(I meant to spell bugs that way). I also liked the meals______NO MATTER WHO MADE THEM_______: )smiley face.

Hannah says:
It was fun to go with two families. I liked when we went to High Falls a lot. It was really nice! Can’t wait for another trip!

Ari says:
It was really fun. I really enjoyed High Fall and going down the water slide! I want to go back again next year.

The Dignard family (Cory, Kylah, Dylan,Riley and puppy Dakota) set out for Algonquin Park Acray access point early morning of Fri Jun 29, with the Good family (Aaron, Sara, Ari and Hannah) heading out early afternoon. Cory forgot to give the Good family a map of the lake, so after taking the “scenic tour” everyone arrived safely late afternoon and in good spirits.

It quickly became obvious the bugs were pretty bad, so luckily we brought a kitchen/bug shelter to give people a break from being eaten alive! We had a yummy dinner of chili and baguettes, followed by a small campfire with marshmallows, before heading to sleep for the night. Overnight we got a bit of rain (which had Cory and Kylah scrambling to put the fly on the tent at 3am), and a strong wind storm (which had Cory scrambling to better secure the tent at 4am...).


After breakfast Cory, Ari and Riley headed out on the lake to have some fun jumping off the canoes, with Aaron, Sara and Hannah joining us shortly after for some canoe over canoe training. See a video here

The Good family decided to head to High Falls before lunch, and the Dignard’s joined them later. Everyone had a great time playing in the water and trying the natural waterslide. Back at the site we enjoyed a yummy pasta dinner, with a small campfire and marshmallows.

Our third day was full of lots and lots of swimming, either at the site or High Falls. Dylan hurt his toe nail going down one of the slides and Sara hurt her shin the previous day, but luckily nothing serious. Our border collie Dakota was exhausted from all the swimming, and even went down the water slide (although not exactly intentionally). Dinner was a delicious beef stir fry with fresh veggies and rice, which considering the heat we were very happy the cooler kept things cold until the third day.

By time we got on the water to head back, the winds had started to pick up, making it hard paddling. The Dignard family left earlier and was able to get back to shore safely, but the winds had really picked up by time the Good family made it to Grand Lake. Aaron and Ari were able to make it back, but Sara and Hannah couldn’t overcome the wind and stopped at a beach nearby. After talking to the park office Aaron and Ari had directions along a 750m path that lead to the beach, which allowed them to portage everything back. An adventure for all, but everyone made it back safe.