Flatwater Training

Flatwater Canoe Training Tandem: Intro + Intermediate

All Participants should be comfortable swimming while wearing a PFD
Introduction level: no prerequisites
Intermediate level requires:  Paddle Canada Lakewater Canoe Introduction level skills.

Description :
These national certification courses are for canoeists who have had little or no canoeing experience or training, or who have canoed a lot and would like to improve and learn new skills.  
This course runs the Introduction and Intermediate Paddle Canada skill levels simultaneously. Participants will be assigned to the course level per their abilities.  
All Participants learn how to attach a canoe on their car, to steer and control the canoe, how to paddle together effectively, trim, launch and land their canoe, canoe rescue skills and more.
Introductory level: Novice paddlers are introduced to paddling with a partner in sheltered calm waters and basic land and water rescue techniques.
Intermediate level: Participants perform skills and manoeuvres with greater refinement and demonstrate confidence in open water environments with some wind and waves. Candidates will develop greater awareness and skills to avoid or react to environmental hazards.

Dates and Times:
Pool Session:  Saturday June 9th 12:30-2:00pm
and Paddling Session: June 16-17   8:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Calm water within 20 minute drive of the RACCC Boat House.

-    The RACCC has canoes, paddles and Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)
-    Private boats may be used: to be pre-approved by course instructor.
-    Participants are encouraged to bring their own personal gear.
-    NOTE: We strongly suggest that participants NOT purchase a new PFD or Paddle prior to the course: 
               We include info on choosing PFD's and Paddles and essential equipment.
- Please see the attachment re: What to Bring

Paddle Canada WAIVER FORMS are required to participate in the course.
Please print, review, bring with you to the first day of the course.

Course Fee: $110    
Course code: 548
Maximum # of participants: 12
For information on how to register, click here and use Course Code: 548.
NOTE: Additional Costs:
Please bring additional cash to cover other costs such as parking and sharing transportation.

Re: Registration:  contact the RA center at 613.733.5100
Re:  course content: training(at)raccc.ca

RACCC Admin info: 
Paddle Canada Course #
Instructors:  Mark S, Lynette C, Karen H, Dot B, Dagmar B.