Flatwater Training

Flatwater Tandem Tuesdays - Coaching Evenings: June 2020 (Postponed indefinitely per COVID-19)

nat and markPrerequisites:
RACCC members. 16 years of age minimum (NOTE: Minors must have parents on site)
All participants must be comfortable swimming in deep water with a PFD (‘life jacket’)
No paddling/canoeing prerequisites. :-)

This is a structured coaching/instruction session for beginner to advanced paddlers who want to learn more tandem paddling skills, get some coaching and have a chance to practice in a low key, encouraging setting.
Lessons will be tailored to the skill levels of the participants.
The goal is to help all participants learn and develop effective canoeing techniques to paddle with more ease and finesse.
This is a nice opportunity to meet other club members, and potential paddling partners for RACCC outings.
We paddle rain or shine. (But not in Thunderstorms)

Two (2) Coaching Evenings: Tuesdays June 2 and 9   6:00 – 9:00 PM
One (1) Destination Evening Paddle: June 16  Location:
in Ottawa TBD
     6:00 PM Everyone meets at the shed to organize signin, carpooling, canoes and equipment. (Everyone helps).
                   Carpool to our putin.
     6:30 - 8:30 PM   Patterson Creek 
     8:30 - 9:00 PM -  Carpool/return equipment to the Boat House (Everyone helps)

Make-up/Rain dates: (course participants only): June 23, 30  in case any of the evening sessions are cancelled due to weather

- The RACCC has canoes, paddles and Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)
- Private boats may be used: to be pre-approved by course instructor.
- Participants are encouraged to bring their own PFD and Paddle..
- NOTE: We include info on choosing PFD's and Paddles and other essential equipment.
Click here for more info re: What to wear and bring:

Course Fee: $55    (Registration opens April TBD)  Includes canoe rental and use of paddles, PFDs.
Course code: (to be posted soon)

NOTE: Additional Costs:
Please bring additional cash to cover other shared costs i.e. parking, transportation

Maximum # of participants: 16
To register for this training course:
All participants must be members of the RACCC (click here for info)
There are 3 ways to register: ( click here for information re: how to register) Use course code: 
1. Online OR
2. In person at the RA center (East Desk) OR
3. By telephone with RA Guest Services: (613) 733-5100

For more information:
Re: Registration : contact the RA center at 613.733.5100
Re: Course content: dot22b(at)gmail.com

For RACCC Admin:
Paddle Canada Course #
Instructors:  a team of RACCC's volunteer Instructors with Paddle Canada National Certification
Thanks in advance, to several experienced RACCC paddlers who volunteer as coaches for these sessions.