Flatwater Training

FLATWATER CANADIAN STYLE BASICS Coaching:   September 2020 (Postponed indefinitely per COVID-19)

RACCC members, 16 years of age or older. (NOTE: Minors need to have a parent on site)
All participants must be comfortable swimming in deep water with a PDF (‘life jacket’)
SKILL PREREQUISITE: Paddle Canada INTERMEDIATE LEVEL TANDEM SKILLS (or permission from the instructor - Dot)
                                       Participants need to have strong Tandem and Solo strokes and maneuvers.

We will learn Canadian Style paddling basics and learn a routine which can be done by individual canoes or as a group of paddlers. !

Canadian Style canoeing involves paddling the canoe on quiet water in free flowing maneuvers to create routines (with or without music). It is wonderfully challenging - and lots of fun!.
Style maneuvers can be for the sheer delight of paddling with precision, skill and creativity. Or...functional maneuvers used on trips to paddle with ease and finesse. 
This training will include Canadian Style Canoeing, basic maneuvers -  learning them first tandem and then solo.
Check out the videos per the links below to view some Canadian Style and American Free Style canoeing.

Date/Time:  September 13, 9:30- 4:00 PM
Location: TBD  (Most likely Meech Lake)

9:00 AM Meet at the RACCC Boat House to organize carpooling and equipment
10:00 Paddle on Meech Lake (35 minutes time out for lunch)
3:30 PM Reload canoes/equipment and Return to RACCC Boat House

REGISTRATION (Starts in April 2020)
MAX: 8
COST: $50     Course Code:  #(to be posted soon)   

There are 3 ways to register: ( click here for information re: how to register)
1. Online OR
2. In person at the RA center (East Desk) OR
3. By telephone with RA Guest Services: (613) 733-5100

Dot B,  RACCC Volunteer Instructor with Paddle Canada National Canadian Style Canoeing Instructor Certification  
Karen H: RACCC Volunteer Instructor with ORCKA Style Canoeing Instructor Certification

If you are wondering what Canadian Style Canoeing is:
1. Charles Burchill (author and the Master Instructor Trainer for Paddle Canadas Canadian Style Program) showing basics:
2. World reknowned paddler, Becky Mason showing quintessential solo Canadian Style paddling:
3. Kim Gas - demo'g Canadian Style Routine at a US Midwest Open Free Style competition 
4. Becky demonstrating carving turns: (one of the skills we will be learning - can be used in Style paddling or as a functional skill )

Compare with USA Freestyle Canoeing: (smaller canoes, bigger paddles, dramatic strokes and more body movement around the canoe)
4. German Team doing a group - solo freestyle routine (impeccable matching stroke for stroke and synchronized maneuvers!)
5. Tandem USA Freestyle competitive routine 1991 - US  (this may be a bit 'old school' but beautifully shows tandem paddling, beautiful canoe tilt and lots of variations of turns, arcs and slides)
6. Tandem USA Freestyle competitive routine 2007 - US  (canoe weighting demo par excellence!)
7. Molly Gurian - explanation while demostrating USA Freestyle Solo moves