Flatwater Training

Paddle Canada Lake (Flatwater) Introduction to Solo Canoeing 2023

solo paddlersThis Paddle Canada certification course introduces paddlers to solo canoeing in calm water.  It includes how to go forwards, backwards, sideways, stop, do pivots and turns, as well as how to do a solo rescue, stay safe on the water and more.  It assumes the participant has learned to paddle a tandem canoe previously (can control and steer from the stern).  Club canoes provided. 

Health protocols at the time of the course must be followed. 

Age 14 and up
Minors require a parent or guardian to be present throughout the course.  

This course is only open to RACCC members.
SKILLS: Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Skills Introduction Tandem or equivalent skills (familiar with draw, pry, forwards, backwards, stop, J stroke and canoe transportation).  

You must be able to carry and transport a canoe and your own equipment.

Please use this check list re: 'What to Bring' (MORE info will be provided by the course conductor)

Date/Time:  June 24-25 Sat.-Sun 8:30 AM -5:30 PM
UPDATE: we will do the water safety/canoe rescue session during the course - on site 

Location:  Ottawa (TBA)

Last date to register for this course: June 17
Cost:  RACCC Member:
  $150+ HST   Non- Member: This course is not available to non-members.  New RACCC members welcome!
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Minimum # of participants:     3            Maximum # of participants:    6
For more information about how to register -click here

For more information contact instructor:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.