Whitewater Training

Ultimate Boat Control (Solo OR Tandem) with Andrew & Carole Westwood 2020


Objective:  Refine boat handling and stroke skills

Date: 23-24 May

Description:   Ultimate Boat Control highlights necessary skills of boat handling, stroke efficiency and water use, to build complete confidence while river running.  Maintaining stability, keeping dry and using helpful current features lay the foundation of every successful run.  Using river models and video analysis, (Carole and Andrew) will help develop the skills needed for ultimate boat control.

Of interest to: Solid Intermediate to Advanced paddlers who are comfortable in Class III

This course is open to both tandem and solo paddlers.

Organization:  All participants will be required to help with planning and logistics such as arranging carpooling and signing out club equipment. You will be eating on the river, so prepare your meals accordingly. 

Minimum age 13
If under 18, the participant's parent or guardian must be present on site.

Registration:  (Registration opens April 24h)
Minimum: 2     Maximum: 6  Participants

Cost:  : Member: $310    Non Member: $400    COURSE CODE:  00002268

There are 3 ways to register: ( click here for information re: how to register)
1. Online OR
2. In person at the RA center (East Desk) OR
3. By telephone with RA Guest Services: (613) 733-5100For more information contact:
re: course: the whitewater coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.