Whitewater Training

Whitewater Training 2020 is Re-opened!

Our usual Spring training had to be cancelled because of COVID, but we are now ready to offer limited training this summer:

  • Tandem beginners – 17-19 July
  • Solo beginners – 24-26 July

The cost will be $180 for club members and $240 for non-members. Use of club boats and equipment is included. Private boats and gear may be used, but boats must be outfitted with thigh straps and full flotation.

The courses will be held at Palmers Rapids with camping at Paddlers Co-op.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the following restrictions apply (no exceptions):

  • all participants must sign the RA COVID Acceptance of Risk form
  • all participants must have a negative COVID test in the week prior to the course and bring the form to the course and provide it to the instructor
  • all participants must accept Paddlers Coop health safety protocols (see attachment below)
  • travel and tenting will be by household groups only (no car pooling or shared tenting otherwise)
  • all meals will be by household group or individual. All participants must bring their own food and kitchen utensils.
  • distancing and wearing of masks on shore will be required and club protocols for sanitizing club equipment must be followed.

You can register on PlayRA at https://www.racentre.com/enterprise/program/index.  Bar code 2289 for Solo, 2290 for Tandem.

A full course description can be found on the RACCC web page.