Pre-Season White Water Meeting

The White Water Season is upon us. Well ... Almost upon us!


As our second paddling season under the RA banner is around the corner, we need to look at our operations and see how we can make this new season just as good as or better than the ones we remember.


Our fleet has gained 2 new tandem WW tripping Moisies from Nova Craft, we are awaiting the delivery of matching tripping decks for the Moisies. We have a number of very excited paddlers and are expecting a substantial new roster this year again.


Let's have a look at our fleet, some of our processes and see who is available to assist in some of our activities.


See meeting agenda at Pre-Season White Water Meeting - Wednesday March 5, 2014 from 7 to 9 PM in the RA's Laurentian Room.


Jaclin - White Water Coordinator