2013 marked the first full year that the Canoe Camping Club was with the RA. Members enjoyed many benefits from being part of the RA Canoe Camping Club (RACCC): access to washrooms, a licensed restaurant and an improved process for boat rental payments, which can be left at the boathouse or paid to the RA East Desk using credit cards. These changes are minor. The heart and soul of our club, sharing the pleasures of paddling and camping, will continue as it has for over 60 years.

The 2014 RACCC members handbook has been updated to reflect these important changes. It is shorter and, we hope, easier to navigate.


See you all on the water!

2013-2014 RACCC Executive




2015 RACCC Members' Handbook

The 2015 members' handbook is now available here.  It provides much useful information on the club for both new and returning members.  Because of improvements being made to the club web site, a number of the links in the handbook are outdated and do not work.  Our apologies!