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Outdoor Education Seminar Summary

On Wednesday February 3, 2021 Riverlee Hunt gave a wonderful virtual presentation to over 40 people about outdoor education.

She started with an inspirational story about how she got into outdoor education and the challenges that she overcame to do so.

She outlined the 10-month training program offered by the Sir Edmond Hillary Centre in New Zealand. The course is extremely challenging. At the same time overcoming the challenges was very satisfying and gave her tools that she can use for all types of outdoor leadership. The subjects taught at the centre included:

  • Group Processes (1 Week)
  • Adventure Based Learning/Leadership (2 Weeks)
  • Risk Management Training (1 Week)
  • Sea Kayaking (2 Weeks)
  • Rock Instruction (2 Weeks)
  • White Water Kayaking Instruction (2 Weeks)
  • Teach Risk Management (1 Week)
  • Bush Instruct (1 Week)
  • Bush Expedition (1 Week)
  • Caving (1 Week)
  • Instruct Bush for Bush Leader Assessment (1 Week)
  • Alpine (1 Weeks)
  • Pre -hospital Emergency Care First Aid Course (1
  • Week)
  • Co-Instructs (Il 11 Week)
  • Skills Rock or WW Kayak (3 Weeks)
  • Work Experience (3 Weeks)
  • Final Expedition (1 Week)

Adventure therapy consists of various outdoor pursuits such as hiking, paddling and cycling interspersed with a variety of Adventure Based Learning activities that aid in recovery. While not a licensed therapist Riverlee has seen adventure therapy help people with:

  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Emotional healing
  • Breaking addictions
  • Treatment of mental illness
  • Coping strategies



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