2019 Discounts for RACCC Members

A benefit of being a member of the RACCC is that some retailers and course providers give discounts to club members. Click "Read more" to see the list of discounts.

Also, the RA has a number of community partners that represent a wide range of sectors offering benefits to RA members.  Click here for more information.

 Have your RACCC membership card with you as this may be required to get the club discount from these retailers. The RACCC membership card (as opposed to the RA photo card) is available at the RA East Desk and can be laminated if the East Desk is not too busy. These cards are only issued so that club members can identify themselves for discounts. Neither the club nor the RA needs members to have cards.  Canoe club members will not be issued RA photo cards since the cost is quite high and club members do not need them for accessing RA facilities like Lifefit.

Auto Racks

10% off car racks. Certain restrictions apply.

Boreal River

10% off whitewater rescue courses. 

• RACCC subsidies for participation in medical courses (already well-priced and not discounted) might be available through the RACCC training coordinator.


10% off regularly priced items in stock 

Invitation to RACCC members to attend Bushtukah's semi-annual VIP Sale for local clubs 

Canadian Wilderness Medical Training

10% off all Ottawa area courses.  Enter promotion code "RACCC" when registering online. 
Esprit Whitewater Worldwide

10% off of courses and programs in Canada and $100 off of international paddling trips (Mexico / Costa Rica) where no other discounts apply.

Jenda Paddle Sports

10% off regularly-priced boats and equipment.

Trailhead Paddle Shack

10% off regularly priced in stock         

Great Escapes Outfitters, 369 Richmond Rd