Kiosk 2018

Kiosk 2018

Kiosk 2018 07For 8 days in August, we had near perfect weather, very nice campsites and almost no bugs.  We started at Kiosk and then stayed at the following lakes in Algonquin Park:Kioshkokwi, Mink and Cauchon.  Except for one afternoon, it was dead calm for the whole trip.  The temperature ranged from 25C to 30C during the day.  Click on "Read More" to see additional photos.






After supper the first day.

Kiosk 2018 101

 Sunset the first day.

Kiosk 2018 02

First morning Kioshkokwi Lake.

Kiosk 2018 03

 Cooking breakfast.

Kiosk 2018 04

One of many dead calm days.

Kiosk 2018 05

Day trip.

Kiosk 2018 08

Paddling under the abandoned rail bed which ran parallel to the lakes we visited.

Kiosk 2018 09

Tents set up in red pine forest.

Kiosk 2018 10

Enjoying a fire since the fire ban was lifted just before the start of our trip.

Kiosk 2018 12

Jerzy making delicious apple sauce filled pancakes.

Kiosk 2018 102

On day trip, among the water lilies.

Kiosk 2018 14

Making the usual lunch.

Kiosk 2018 15

Filtering water.

Kiosk 2018 16

Rehydrating split pea soup for supper.

Kiosk 2018 17

Nice final campsite.

Kiosk 2018 18