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Lake Louisa Loop-Algonquin Park 2018

Lake Louisa Loop-Algonquin Park 2018

Lack Louisa 2018 323July 15-20/18 saw 6 paddlers( Shannon H, Delia E, Lynn O,Judy O-O’R, Greg G) led by Rick S, heading out to meet the hoards of deer flies during a paddling trip around Lake Louisa Loop. Luckily, our group tackled the bugs and kilometres of portaging with humour, patience and fabulous food to start and end each day-eggs/bacon tortillas, veggie chilli, two variations of porridge, pasta with pesto, curry with basmati rice and mango chutney and open-faced pizza, for example.

Lake Louisa Loop is a satisfying canoe route giving the paddler varying experiences- lots of paddling through lakes and streams,portaging, navigating beaver dams, beautiful scenery, lovely camp sites and some with sandy beaches.  Luckily the leach- infested Welcome Lake was a lunch spot enjoyed on it's sandy beaches and not an overnight stay.

We headed out on the water each day at 9 am , alternating paddling partners, and pulled up for the night in the later afternoon. This gave us lots of time for setting up camp,a swim and relaxing before bed.  Due to the fire ban and no nightly campfire, we attempted to play, "Two Truths and a Lie" but quickly discovered that our group were not good liars.





Trip Details:
Put-in -access point 13 at Whitney
Night # 1 - Galeairy Lake
Night # 2 - Pen Lake
Night # 3 - Rence Lake
Night # 4 - Louisa Lake
Night # 5 - Galeairy Lake

Galeairy to Rock - 90 m lift-over
Rock to Pen - 375 m with a chance to take a short side path to a lovely little waterfall
Pen to Welcome - 275 m with a short paddle to the longer 2170 m portage. This one begins with a nasty group of rocks to navigate over
before the actual path begins.
Welcome, Harry and Rence Lakes are all connected by marshy streams with occasional beaver dams.
Rence to Frank and Florence Lakes - 320 m portage with a mucky start
Florence to Louisa -1725 m- although this is long, the path was wide and bright with a few meters following a logging road.
Louisa to Rock - 2895 m - the longest portage of the trip but the nicest. Wide, bright and relatively flat.

Our tired, happy, bug-bitten group finished the last paddling day in the early afternoon and headed straight for a diner in Barry' Bay for an end-of-trip hot meal.


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