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Family Trip to Frontenac Provincial Park 2018

Frontenac Provincial Park Family Trip Report

August 31-September 3, 2018

Frontenac 2018 10A great weekend relaxing at Hardwood Bay in Frontenanc Provincial Park. The two families that went were Cory, Kylah, Dylan, Riley and dog Dakota plus Nakissa, Grandma Shahin, Darius, and baby Kayvon.

We met late Friday morning and loaded up canoes then headed out for adventure. After picking up permits and a picnic lunch, we drove to the boat launch beside Devil Lake. Along the way we saw a deer, a turkey vulture and a blue jay. We had a great paddle to Hardwood Bay over calm waters and under overcast skies, spotting a few loons. Everyone got setup, we enjoyed a yummy shared dinner of beef stir fry and tacos, then relaxed around a campfire and the kids had fun roasting hotdogs, marshmallows and s’mores.




After breakfast Saturday morning, we set up some tarps in the event of rain, then the Dignard family did an 8km hike around the Hemlock Lake Loop while the Farmand’s had fun playing in the water and relaxing. Along our hike we saw three deer and a bunch of snakes. The three boys had fun fishing from shore and catching a bunch of sunfish. After building a stone oven and bed of coals for cooking, we had a shared dinner of stone oven mini pizzas and snacks. We enjoyed another beautiful campfire with marshmallows and s’mores.

Just after waking up we got some heavy rain, so we all gathered under the tarps and enjoyed some breakfast. Once the skies cleared, Cory went out for a solo paddle around the bay, then Cory and Kylah took Dakota out to help get her used to canoeing a bit more and have fun. Riley and Darius had fun playing with the kayak while Cory and Shahin swam with them. Dylan and Riley went out for a short fishing trip in the canoe by themselves on the bay, catching a bunch of fish.  Later Riley went out in the kayak while Darius and his mom Nakissa took the canoe and they all went fishing, catching even more fish! The kids really had a great weekend fishing!

After lunch the Farmand family decided to head home, so Dylan and Cory canoed with them back to the boat launch and helped them get unloaded. The canoe back was a bit difficult in an ultra light canoe with little weight at the front in windy conditions, but we made it back just in time for a yummy pasta dinner that Kylah had prepared. We had fun playing some card games before heading to bed.

Monday morning we packed up and canoed back, and Dakota had fun jumping back and forth between our two canoes, and climbing over gear back and forth to the front and back of the canoes. Certainly made for some interesting paddling!


Kylah relaxing in her hammock

Frontenac 2018

Riley enjoying a hot chocolate and relaxing with Dakota in the background

Frontenac 2018 02

Dylan and Riley stopping for a break along the hike

Frontenac 2018 03

Darius and Riley

Frontenac 2018 04

Everyone taking turns to pump water

Frontenac 2018 05

Dylan and Riley returning from their fishing adventure

Frontenac 2018 06

Nakissa and Darius out fishing

Frontenac 2018 07

Riley, Nakissa and Darius fishing

Frontenac 2018 08

Dylan reading

Frontenac 2018 09

The cute little creature we found peering into our tent from the mesh in the morning

Frontenac 2018 10