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Family Trip - Constance Creek - May 5, 2019

Family Trip - Constance Creek - May 5, 2019

With historically high water levels this spring, the Constance Creek area was a unique place to paddle. We started at the bridge on Vances Side Road between Dunrobin and Greenland, with Cory and Kylah in one canoe, and Dylan, Riley and Jaxson in a three person canoe.

What would normally involve some carry-overs through the marsh, was an easy paddle as we paddled through some flooded forests. The water levels were so high we even paddled over part of Eagle Creek Golf Course, with parts of interlock stone paths at least a foot under water!

It was fun to go on a trip with one of my friends through a flooded forest. We had fun canoeing with a game we made up where (I sterned) I told Jaxson and Riley how hard to paddle with the instructions; hard, medium, or slow which made the paddle go by quicker. It was a really fun trip! - Dylan

The trip was pretty nice in the flooded forest. It was cool seeing all of the trees under water. It was nice at the golf course. It was nice going with one of our friends canoeing. It was interesting going on the way back. I hope everybody had fun! - Riley

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