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Rideau River Day Trip Report June 2020

Rideau River (near Rideau River Provincial Park) and Kemptville Creek Day Trip Report

Rideau River 2020 18 109On Thursday, June 18th five club paddlers went on an exploratory trip to the Rideau River near Rideau River Provincial Park.  This was a private trip because the club is not yet open.  No club equipment was used.  The RA Canoe Camping Club’s family program uses campsites at the Rideau River Provincial Park and we wanted to get a better idea of what could be seen in this area.  The park was open for day visits only (no camping) and would charge our group $80+ to drive-in for the day.  We chose to put our boats in at the free Reeve Craig public boat launch nearby on Greenline Road instead.  It had a suitable landing area and plenty of room for parking.  We had three solo kayaks and one tandem canoe. 

 First we paddled southwest exploring the Rideau River on both sides between the bridges for highway 416 and Route 5 (also called Donnelly Road and County Road 44).  Rideau River Provincial Park had a nice-looking drive-in group site with water access, two outhouses, lots of picnic tables, a water tap and a large firepit.  The park’s group sites are closed this summer but it would be a good site to use for a large group when it is open.  There was a shallow swimming area with buoy-lines nearby called Second Beach.   It is accessible by walking the park’s Shoreline Trail which extends the whole length of the park and runs along the edge of the Rideau River.  We tested out the swimming and had lunch at Second Beach.  There was also a larger Main Beach which looked inviting. 

We paddled up the Kemptville Creek and back (5 km each way), checking out the new Anniversary Park, T dock and picnic shelter on the edge of Kemptville.  The Anniversary Park is located near the County Road 43 bridge over the creek.  The park was built a few years ago to celebrate 150 years since the founding of Kemptville.  One side of the Kemptville Creek looks like wilderness.  It includes the Ferguson Forest Centre with many walking trails.  We saw the Turtle Trail (2.3 km long each way) that follows the edge of the creek.  There is also a Kinder Trail here geared to young children. 

It was a hot day (89 degrees F or 32 degrees C) so we used a variety of cooling techniques to avoid getting too hot.  The kayak roll and swimming were the most effective!  We also had ice cubes in a cooler and a spray bottle to spray clean water.  After about 6 hours of refreshing paddling we returned to our hot cars at the boat launch.  We had paddled 18 km and had a wonderful time exploring the area.

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