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Crotch Lake Day Trip Report July 2020

Crotch Lake Day Trip July 2020

6 campsite 30 D Edit EditDuring the early morning of Monday, July 6th, 2020, four club members met in Ottawa to drive to Crotch Lake, North Frontenac.  Highway 417 was expected to be open but was actually still closed, so that delayed us a bit.  We stopped briefly at Silver Lake picnic area, and arrived at Tumblehome Lodge on Crotch Lake about 10 am.  The drive was just over 1.5 hours.  We paid $10 per vehicle to park.  The new owners of Tumblehome Lodge asked advice about what kind of canoes and kayaks to purchase for rentals.  They were happy to welcome paddlers to the area.

After a safety briefing we paddled along the western shore and east to Stormy Point.  The wind was very low and we were expecting a hot, sunny day. Near the

tip of Stormy Point, we had lunch and a swim on campsite 54.  Everyone was keen to paddle more so we proceeded northward through the narrows to check out the northern half of the lake.  It was a beautiful wilderness setting and we saw several loons.  There was an occasional motorboat that did not disturb our paddling.  We identified some good campsites along the way.  About 4 pm we stopped for a second swim and snack at campsite 26.  We decided it was time to turn around and paddle south to campsite 30, just north of Stormy Point, where two of our group were going to spend the night.  We got there about 5 pm.  It was a beautiful campsite, though landing a kayak was a bit harder there.  We had supper.  The wind had died completely.  Everything was calm and quiet.  

With the sun getting lower in the sky, two of us headed off to see the eastern shore and paddle south amongst the islands on our return to Tumblehome Lodge.  We arrived at the lodge about 7 pm after paddling 17 km.  We loaded our gear into our cars and were back in Ottawa by 8:30 pm, well before dark.  A perfect day with great company!

Submitted by Karen H

7 Crotch Trip July 6 20 InReach map

1 Tumblehome Lodge put in Edit Edit

Tumblehome Lodge Put-In

2 S Western shore Crotch Edit Edit

Western Shore Crotch

3 Near campsite 54 Edit Edit

Near Campsite 54

5 campsite 26 C Edit Edit

Campsite 26

6 campsite 30 B Edit Edit

Campsite 30

6 campsite 30 D Edit Edit

Campsite 30

6 campsite 30 Edit Edit

Campsite 30

7 takeout Edit Edit