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Petrie Island to Lower Duck Island

Petrie Island to Lower Duck Island

DSC05572 EditNovember 29, 2020

When we met at 10 am it was 2 degrees Celsius and cloudy. We were hoping the sun would appear but were dressed for cold-water immersion. There was plenty of snow on the ground and our intended launch spot at Petrie Island was frozen over with ice! We launched into a bay at the end of the causeway to the island. The bay headed east but we wanted to go west so we paddled upstream through a culvert going under the causeway. We had a strong westerly headwind in addition to a current on the Ottawa River. We were paddling hard but going slowly. The winds were stronger than we expected. Our leader had checked out the area ahead of us, so we avoided channels without exits. Within an hour the wind had dropped. The shoreline had a few spots with houses but mostly there were trees, long grass and a few bulrushes growing. It looked quite wild for a city paddle. There were walking trails along much of the way and people were using them.

We stopped at a park area across from Lower Duck Island for lunch after about 9 km. We could see Upper Duck Island and the Blair Road launch ahead but we didn’t quite get to them. Now it was sunny and about 6 degrees Celsius. After eating, we turned around and headed back along the shore the way we had come. The current and lack of a head wind helped us go much faster. The water reflected everything. When we were approaching Petrie Island, we decided to paddle around the island and return to our launch. There were many natural sandy beaches on the island, far from the main parking lot and the developed area. Many people were exploring. The sun was getting ready to set as we finished the day. We were warm enough to be comfortable and had paddled 19.5 km. We loaded our canoes and gear, watched the sunset and took pictures of the solid ice around the causeway as we left just after 4 pm. Another wonderful paddle!


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Petrie Island Trip InReach map

Petrie I InReach map