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Bon Echo Provincial Park Trip Report July 22-23, 2021

45Mark6Bon Echo Trip Report July 22-23, 2021

Three club members met at the Silver Lake picnic area before proceeding to Bon Echo Provincial Park on Thursday, July 22nd for an exploratory trip. We unloaded our canoes at the North Beach launch and headed towards the Narrows and Mazinaw Rock on Upper Mazinaw Lake about noon. Mazinaw rock rises about 100 m above the lake. Thousands of years ago, Indigenous people considered this place to be powerful and sacred. We were able to identify many of their pictographs. This rock has about 260 pictographs. We also saw interesting lichen patterns. Mazinaw Lake is quite deep and large. Paddling it requires low winds. The winds rose mid-afternoon so as a result we did not paddle as far along the lake. Sometimes we would paddle airborne on the waves! After exploring Upper Mazinaw Lake we passed through the Narrows to Lower Mazinaw Lake. It was more sheltered from the north wind. We found the Cliff Top Trailhead and the Main Beach areas very crowded so we skipped those. We headed to a campsite near North Beach to set up our tents and eat supper. We spent a little while sitting on the quiet beach and we enjoyed a small fire with some golden marshmallows before heading to bed.

On Friday we headed directly for the water before breakfast. The wind was forecast to be low. Once again, we explored Mazinaw rock and the pictographs. We enjoyed a quiet breakfast at the Narrows. The crowds had not yet appeared. We paddled north along the western shore of Upper Mazinaw Lake, past the public Tappings Bay launch and stopped for a swim on our return trip. Before 2 pm we packed up our tents and saw some buildings from the Bon Echo Inn era (early 1900s) that remain in use at the park to this day. A brief tour was taken of the Main Beach and the Lagoon before heading home. There is plenty more to discover in the backcountry here on another visit.



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10Narrows sunrise

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