Trip Reports



By Jane Maxwell

On Thursday, August 5th, four RACCC paddlers – Helena Anderson, Heather Wiggs, Jim Young and Jane Maxwell – headed up to Meech Lake in Gatineau Park for an early evening paddle. Meech Lake is a jewell in the Gatineau Park system which may explain why so many homes and cottages line the lake. But if you head northwest from P12, the boat put-in, you will find a more naturalized, untouched area of the lake which makes for an enjoyable, quick get-away from the city hustle and bustle. These evening paddles have been my retreat into nature for many years. Our destination is a large flatish rock peninsula behind the island which sadly suffered fire damage several years ago. It is still out-of-bounds for paddlers. On this evening the water temperature was perfect – warm but refreshing – so some of us headed out on a swim around the island. Following supper we set out to explore the nearby bay and the one remaining cottage (discreetly hidden in the forest). After a nice chat with one of the owners (whose grandfather had refused to sell to the government in the 1940s), we headed for home enjoying a wonderful, classic Meech Lake sunset. We were keen to sample La Cigale’s outstanding ice cream in Old Chelsea but the long lineup deterred us. Note to paddlers: the NCC advises users that it closes P12 and P13 parking lots at 9 p.m. In reality that is probably pretty closer to 9:30 p.m. but best not to tempt fate. We hope more RACCC members will join us in the future for evening paddles at Meech Lake.




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