Centennial Lake Trip Report

15campsite 2B Edit EditCentennial Lake Trip Report  Oct 2021

On Oct 8th two club members drove one hour and 40 minutes to Centennial Lake, south of Calabogie.  We found the launch on County Rd. 65 (Centennial Lake Road) just as it crosses the lake.  We arrived to find a heavy mist covering the lake.  After getting everything ready to go, we sat in our lawn chairs and waited for the mist to clear before turning on our solar flashing light and proceeding. 

This was an exploratory trip so we carefully read our maps and watched the scenery.  We did not have a GPS with us.  We headed towards Big Island and intended to circle it in a clockwise direction.  Twice we had to stop to figure out the way forward -- once, because the fog blocked our view across Wilson Bay and once because the way to go was not obvious to us.  We followed the shoreline closely.  Usually it was easy to follow our map. 


We could see bright fall colours in the leaves on several hillsides.  We paddled along the west side of Big Island in the shadow of the tall trees.  There was very calm water and we saw many clear reflections.  On the east side of Big Island we spotted our first occupied campsite.  On the south side of Big Island we found an excellent unoccupied campsite for our lunch stop.  This site had several easy landing spots, a good place to swim and some big rocks to dry on afterwards.  Each campsite had a firepit, an open area, and a “kitchen area” covered by tarps.  The campsites on crown land may be used without charge and are available first-come, first-served.  The Ministry of Natural Resources oversees these.  From our observations, campsites have minimal maintenance.  This is a large lake and canoeists here need to be cautious about high winds and large waves.  Though the wind was expected to rise a bit, it had not done so yet. 

We finished paddling and returned to the launch at 1:30 pm after paddling 17 km.  We were back in Ottawa by 3:30 - long before dark.  We would recommend this as an enjoyable outing in calm weather.

Submitted by Karen H

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