First Aid

New First Aid Kits-How to Open and Close-2014

This season we are introducing new first aid kit bags that will hopefully, with proper use help us keep the contents dry.  Although the closures look like ziplock bags they do not work the same way.  Please take some time to  review the opening and closing instructions below and help us ensure they will be a worthwhile investment for years to come.  Click here for video. 


Do not force bag open by pulling the tabs apart! ZipDry bags have a very tight, completely leak-proof closure; improper opening could compromise the seal

  1. Grip bag by its closure with both hands, laying thumbs over the grip tabs. Keep index fingers on the tracks of the seal. 
  2. Squeeze and kink closure into both palms, forming and "S" with hands offset. 
  3. Bag will pop open easily. This technique becomes easier with a little practice.  


Make sure closure is clean and properly lubricated with a dab of clean water in the closure tracks if possible to ensure a waterproof seal.

Please store closed.