Camping Tips

Suggested Food quantities (per person) on camping trip

  Quantity dry Yield
Cereal (Oatmeal, Red River, Quinoa, Teff) 1/3 cup 1 c
Pancake mix 2/3 cup  
Pasta 80-100 grams  
Rice (uncooked) 1/3-1/2 cup 2/3-1 c
Red Lentils 1/3 cup 2/3 c
GORP ½ cup./day   

Quantities 1 cup dry = Yield

1 cup dry Water (cups) Cooking Time Yield (cups)
Buckwheat 2 c 15 min 2.5 c
Coucous 2 c 5-10 min 3.5 c
Kasha (toasted Buckwheat) 2 c 12-15 min 2 c
Lentils, Green 3c 20 min 2.5 c
Lentils, Red 3 c 15 min 2 c
Millet 2.5 c 40 min 3.5 c
Oats, rolled 2.5 c 10-15 min 2 c
Rice, Basmati white 2 18-20 min 3 c
Rice, white, parboiled 2.5 c 20 min 3.5 c
Quinoa 2 c 15 min 2.5 c


  Quantity dry Water Yield
Egg Powder 1 Tbsp 3 Tbsp 1 whole egg
Milk Powder 1/3 cup 1 cup 1 cup
Cheese ¼  lb   1 cup grated
Macaroni 1 cup 4 cup 2.5 cups
Spaghetti 8 oz   4 cups


Peach Cobbler

While many of us have had dumplings in soup, having dumplings in a desert is rather novel and delicious. Thank you to Joanna for providing us with this recipe (click on Read More) that was served to us on the French River.  Click here to see additional camping recipes. Please send along additional recipes to the Membership Coordinator so they can be added to the camping page.

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Crepes Suzette

Finally revealed (click Read More) is the recipe for Mark Scott's famous Crepes Suzettes which he serves on his annual Pettawa trip.  





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Food Dehydration and Camping Recipes

The attachment was prepared by Agnes P for the 2008 YCCC Winter seminar Series and provides lots of good hints and camping recipes.


Recipe for Fruit Leather + Advice on Dehydrators

Here is the recipe for my favourite fruit leather.

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